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2023 - 2024 Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Catalog


Endowed Chairs

The Jesse H. Jones Chair in Business Administration. The first endowed chair at Texas Lutheran University was made possible in 1978 by a grant from Houston Endowment Inc. of Houston-the largest private foundation in the state. The chair honors the memory of Jesse H. Jones, a former Houston businessman, publisher and founder of Houston Endowment. A veteran of many years of government service, Mr. Jones at one time headed 39 federal bureaus and agencies. During the years of World War II, he served as chairman of the Reconstruction Finance Corporation, Federal Loan Administrator and Secretary of Commerce under President Franklin D. Roosevelt.

The Dr. Frederick C. Elliott Chair in Health, Fitness and Nutrition. Established in 1978, this chair honors the late Dr. Frederick Elliott, former executive director of the Texas Medical Center. Two major gifts from the M.G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation and Mrs. Lillie Johnson of Wharton, funded the chair. The holder of the Elliott Chair directs the university’s Krost Life Enrichment Program. It helps young people establish a pattern of living that will be conducive to good mental, spiritual and physical health.

The Jo Murphy Chair in Education. The endowed chair in education was established in 1988 through a grant from Houston Endowment Inc. of Houston. The chair honors Mrs. Jo Murphy, vice president and trustee of Houston Endowment, which she has served since 1943. Mrs. Murphy, a long-time friend of TLU, has been active in church and civic affairs in Houston.

The Mary Gibbs Jones Chair in Choral Music. Endowed in 1989 by Houston Endowment, the chair honors the memory of Mary Gibbs Jones, wife of the late Jesse H. Jones. Mrs. Jones was an indefatigable advocate of the performing arts in Houston and played a leading role in founding the Houston Symphony Orchestra.

The Lutheran Brotherhood Chair for Religious Life. The chair was established as a result of a major challenge grant made in support of Lutheran Higher Education. The Lutheran Brotherhood Board of Directors issued the challenge in 1990 to endow the campus pastor position and to increase the endowment for scholarships. With a generous grant from the Palm Valley Lutheran Church Endowment, and numerous contributions from churches, friends and alumni of TLU, the provisions of the grant were met in 1995.

The Luther and Ruth Sappenfield Chair in Library Science was established in2012 through an estate gift. Luther (May 31, 1919 - December 2, 2009 and Ruth (December 4th, 1923 - August 13, 2011) Sappenfield were married for nearly 63 years. Luther served on the Texas Lutheran University Development Board for many years. As part of their estate, the university is receiving money to fund the Library Chair position to be held by one of the library faculty members, probably the library director. The income should be used to fund the practice of library science more than the teaching of it. The balance of fund not used to fund the chair in library science is to be used for the purchase of new books, online access to various journals, audio/visual components, computer software, and keeping up with new technology advancements in the area of information.

The Helen I. Weiss Chair in Educational Leadership was established in 2014 through an estate gift from Ms. Helen I. Weiss. Helen dedicated her life to the field of education. She taught at TLU for 40 years where she implemented the college’s teacher training program in elementary education and became head of the department. She was honored with many educational and community awards for her dedication and leadership to her field. This chair will promote creativity and leadership in education and Christian values and faith. The holder of this chair should demonstrate exceptional skills in leadership and creativity and have primary and secondary teaching experience.

The Anita Windecker Chair. In 2000, Carla A. Blumberg, a 1971 graduate of Texas Lutheran University, established this chair to honor Anita Windecker whose professional achievements included 50 years of service as a distinguished member of TLU’s faculty and founder of the Mid-Texas Symphony. This is the first chair funded by a TLU alumna. Responsibilities of the chair holder include leadership in building a strong orchestral program at TLU and the willingness to participate in the rehearsals and performances of the Mid-Texas Symphony.


The Baenziger Professorship in Music. This professorship was established in 1983 by Mr. and Mrs. Harold Baenziger of Seguin. Harold and the late Ethel Baenziger have been notable church, business and civic leaders in the Seguin area for decades.

The Elton Bohmann Professorship in Business Administration in Accounting. When TLU alumni who had been students of Professor Bohmann learned of his planned retirement in 1987, they decided to establish this professorship to honor him. In Professor Bohmann’s 30 years on the faculty at TLU, he served as a mentor to more than 1,100 business and accounting graduates.

The Claryce Bohls Professorship in Economics. A bequest in 1993 from the estate of Dr. Sidney Bohls funded this professorship that honors the memory of his wife, Mrs. Claryce M. Bohls. Mrs. Bohls was a medical technologist and instrumental in developing early awareness of public health in South Texas.

The Sidney Bohls Professorship in Biology. An estate gift of Dr. Sidney WilliamBohls of Austin, Texas, established this professorship in 1993 to give recognition to excellence in the teaching of biology. A prominent pathologist and medical researcher, Dr. Bohls became a leader in both preventive medicine and public health.

The Hugo and Georgia Gibson Professorship. This professorship was established by former students of Professors Hugo and Georgia Gibson to honor their memory and distinguished careers at TLU. The purpose of the professorship is to encourage and support TLU faculty members in their efforts to realize their full academic and spiritual potential and to integrate faith and learning in their professional and personal lives.

The Harold T. Johnson Professorship in Aviation or Pre-Engineering. This professorship was established in 2012 by Harold Johnson to enhance future opportunities of the professors and students at Texas Lutheran University in the pursuit of knowledge and a fulfilling life. In addition to supporting expenses associated with the holder’s professional activities and scholarship, it may also support student research conducted with the professorship holder.

The Leif Johnson Professorship in Business Administration. This professorship was established in 1990 by the late Mr. and Mrs. Leif Johnson of Austin as a major contribution to the Gateway to Century II Campaign. Leif Johnson also served as chair of the Lutheran Foundation of the Southwest-a foundation that provides assistance to Lutheran agencies across the state.

The Adolph L. Krause Professorship in Natural Science. Established in 1986 from a portion of the estate of Adolph Krause, this professorship recognizes the importance of teaching students who are majoring in the natural sciences. Mr. Krause and his wife Lillie resided in Beasley, Texas, where they were active in church and civic affairs.

The Lillie Krause Professorship in Social Science. This professorship was established in 1986 from a portion of the Lillie Krause estate. This professorship recognizes outstanding teaching in the social sciences.

The Pastor Gerhard A. and Marion Poehlmann Professorship in Theology. Through gifts made during his lifetime and through his estate, Pastor Poehlmann, a TLU graduate, established this professorship as a memorial to his wife, Marion Steurmer Poehlmann, and to him in 2000. The couple’s ministry included congregations in San Antonio, Fredericksburg and Corpus Christi.


The Gembler Fellowship. This fellowship was established in 2005 from the estate of Verner Gembler.

The Kieffer Kinesiology Fellowship. The Kieffer Kinesiology Fellowship was established in 2002 from the estate of George Kieffer. Mr. Kieffer was a long time faculty member at TLU.

The Keiffer Science Fellowship. The Kieffer Science Fellowship was established in 2002 from the estate of George Kieffer. Mr. Kieffer was a long time faculty member at TLU.

Endowed Scholarships

Texas Lutheran University has received many gifts to support students. Special scholarship endowments are named in memory or in honor of individuals or organizations when currently $25,000 or more has been given to the permanent endowment of the university.

Texas Lutheran University is pleased to honor the individuals listed in the scholarships presented below. The university also wishes to thank the scholarship donors, individuals, businesses and organizations.

Earnings from these endowments are utilized in funding Pacesetter Scholarships, Academic Excellence Awards, Honor and Annual Scholarships, various fine arts awards and several other specific scholarships programs.

George T. and Gladys H. Abell

William and Marie Adams

Captain Sumner Alpert

Eric V. and Frieda T. Anderson

Loran and Lois Anderson

Tilden and Clara Rea Anderson

William and Barbara Anderson

Jack and Oleis Arlitt

O. W. and Emma Arning

Ruth and James Arthur

Harlan and Altus Aschen

Rebekah Jane Aduddell

Cleophus and Claudia Autrey

Thomas and Nancy Ayres

Dexter B. and Mildred L. Babcock

Jeffery Alan Babcock

Heinie and Frieda Bade

Harold and Ethel Baenziger

Otto and Hermina Baenziger

David Carl Baker

Jeffrey C. Barkemeyer

Kenneth and Margaret Barnes

Olga Balderach

Roy Balter Memorial

Edwin and Barbara Barsachs

Tee Bates Memorial

Baumbach-Dollinger for Overseas Study

George and Joyce Baur

Dr. Earl F. Beard

Paul E. and Annie Mae Becker

Thomas Carl Bell

Benefit of Humanity through the Sciences

Carlos O. Benfer

Lillian K. Bennett

Oliver and Genevieve Berglund

Alfred and Vivian Bergstrom

Celia Berwin Memorial Foundation

Bethany Lutheran Church

Henry H. and Lynwood W. Beyer

Dr. Harold D. Bier

Rev. and Mrs. L. D. Billnitzer

Brent Bischoff Art

Harry Bischoff

Elizabeth Burges Blevins

Bloomquist/Burns Pre-Engineering

Buster Blumberg

Dan Blumberg

Otto and Eleanora Blumberg

Roberta Blumberg

Clara Itz Bober

Otwin H. and Margaret D. Boecker

Harold and Sherline Bogisch

Karen Bogisch

Leona Bogisch

Martin L. Bogisch

Theodor Bogisch Family

Alvin and Ruth Bohls

C.L. and Meta Bohls

Elton Bohmann

Doug Boyer Choral

Carl Wade and Carolyn Bickham Bradow Music

Christian L. and Annie Mae Bradow

William and Ruth Hartmann Brady

Rev. Dr. John and Rosalin (Hicks) Braulick

Dr. Alvin L. and Mrs. Marion Brekken

Governor Dolph Briscoe Presidential Award for Leadership and Service

Esther I. Brittain

Dorothy Ann Brown

Richard Peter Brunner Jr.

Frank and Gaelyn Burk

Rev. James P. and Vida Abrameit Burnet

Virginia and Martin Burns

Stephen B. and Mildred Cage

Frederick George and Nancy Gibson Carney

Charlotte Carstens

Ruth Cavitt

Anita M. Chambers

Gail A. Sager Chambers Music

Sigurd Christiansen

Walter and Sue Christiansen

Class of ‘51

Class of ‘60

Class of ‘61

Class of ‘63

Class of ‘66

Bert and Betsy Clardy

McCormick L. and Louise Jenkins Clifton

Bertha E. Cole

Dr. and Mrs. Martin L. Cole

Caroline Joy Conrad Memorial

The Cook Family

Robert and Elaine Cordes

G. and Lenora Cornelius

The Corporation

Cross United Church of Christ

E. Larry and Joan F. Crowell

Dolores Dahl

Kirby and Sue Dahl

D. and Thecla Dallmeyer

Pastor Herman and Laura Dannhaus

G.P. & Dorothy Wienecke Day Educational

Carlyn December


Kenneth Davison Dengel

Edwin and Diana Dentler

Erwin and Allyne Derrick

Development Board

Drs. Wilfred and Bobbie Morrow Dietrich

Hilmar and Cora Dittmar

Rosa Lee and Alfred Doerfler

Delmer and Rose Dolton

Dr. Stuart and Michelle Dorsey

Duderstadt-Hartmann Family

Frank L. Dunne

Mr. and Mrs. Herbert Eakins

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Eastwood

The Eggert Family

Rev. Clarence and Faye Ehler Family

John Ehler Memorial

Myrtle Ehrig

The Eidbo Family

Erik Ekenstam

Paul and Peggy Elton

Emanuel’s Lutheran Church

Harry Henry Engelking

Armine C. Ernst

Otto and Lillian Esse

Kristen Gronberg Etheredge, Ph.D.

Gladys and Howard Ezell

Milton and Evangeline Falkenberg

Dr. and Mrs. Lorence Feller

A. M. and Alma Fiedler

Robert and Elmira Finken

First Lutheran Church of Corpus Christi

Ray C. Fish

William H. Fix

William and Jeanette Flachmeier

Harold Fred & Charlene (Wehe) Foerster

Dorothy J. “Rainy” Foster Educational

Richard and Elsie Frank

Larry and Mary Lee Franklin

Lloyd and Anne Franklin

Francis Morgan Frasher

Allan B. and Myrtle Freeman

Andrew A. Fritz Memorial

Berta Lee Fuchs

DeLois Maddox Garrett

Verner Gembler

Albert and Mamie George

Ray Gerhardt

The John Gesick Family

Edna Forke Gibbs

Hugo and Georgia Gibson

Frank Giesber

Karl Giesecke

Noel W. Giesecke

The Giesecke Family

Mark O. Gilbertson

Dr. John F. Gillett

Paul and Shirley Gilliland

Mabel Ginzel

Bertie Heyne Glaze

Agnes and Raymond Glazener

Joey A. Glover

Violet Glover

Glueckstal-Elizabeth Lang

Chris and Pam Glynn

Dr. and Mrs. Otto Goedecke

Cal and Donna Goerdel

Hugo and Natalie Gohlke

Gohmert Family

Viola May Schmidt Gold

Mr. and Mrs. F. A. Goldapp

George Gonzales

Good Shepherd Evangelical Lutheran Church

Harold M. Graf

Otis and Elizabeth Pfluger Graf

Richard Y. and Wilma M. Grant Music

Harry O. and Warren A. Grasso

August and Frieda Gregor

Bill Greehey

The Greehey Family

Joel Kristian Augustine Gronberg

Guadalupe County Alumni

Gulf Coast Scandinavian Club

Arthur G. Gustafson

Peggy Gustafson


Pamela Catherine Haas Memorial

Leah and Monroe Hagn

Ewing Halsell Foundation

Carol A. and Fred G. Hamilton

Elsbeth and Frank Hanisch

The Harley’s Music Scholarship

H. M. and Pearl C. Harrell

Cipriano M. and Maria F. Herrera

Harry and Cora Hartmann

Kurt and Frances Hartmann

Duderstadt-Hartmann Family

Rev. and Mrs. L. L. Haseley

Helen Marie Hast

Dr. William R. and Mary B. Hathaway

The Haugen Family

Robert and Florence Haugen

Larry W. Hausmann

Carl and Karen Haveman

Edna Ann Hax

William Randolph Hearst

Alvin Heiligmann

Carl and Sue Hein

Fred and Phina Hein

Dr. Weimar F. and Mrs. Paula I. Hein

Doris Laughlin Heizer

Arno and Roland Heldt

Don Wayne Henrichsen

Robert Herres Presidential Award for

Leadership and Service

Edna W. Herthal

Irene E. Herthal

Lawrence and Nellene Hester

Harold and Dorothy Hildebrandt

Rev. William G. and Kathleen L. Hill

Wilson V. and Mary Langner Hill

A. W. Hodde

Elsie B. Hodde

Severine Hoff


Maxine and Lambert Hollub Family

Homer and Cecie Howe


Martin and Dorothy Huber

Thusnelda Hueske

The Hunsicker Family

Ronald O. Huntsman

International Travel

Erwin Itz and Sterling P. Fetzer

John A. and Katherine G. Jackson

Winifred Kugel Jacob

The Janke Family

August A. and Emily A. Janota


Claughton Johnson Memorial

Dee and Leif Johnson

Ernest L. Johnson

Harold T. Johnson

Henry V. and Ruthie Johnson

M. G. and Lillie A. Johnson Foundation

Robert and Erna Jonas

Jesse H. Jones

Mary Gibbs Jones

Kathleen and Eugene Jongsma International Experiential Learning

Martin O. Juel

Ella Kautz

Kelleher and Barrett

Carlton “Buzzy” and Bertha Marie Keller

Rudy A. and Ruth (Bohls) Kelling

Nathaniel and Alberta Kern

George and Ruth Kieffer

Garfield Kiel


Alex W. and Katherine F. Klattenhoff

Ida Pfluger and John H. Klattenhoff

Clarence A. Klenk

Mary Jane Kleven and Peter Selmer Kleven

Walter John Kneten


Ole Knutson

Koehler Company

Mr. and Mrs. Robert Koennecke

Louis E. Koepsel

Earl and Eleanor Koester

Henry and Stella Koester

Richard and Almita Kollatschny and Ellis and Adala Ueckert

Erwin Kollmann

Alice Kowles

Diane Elizabeth Kolwes Memorial

Rev. Karl Johann Friedrick Konzack

Benard and Ethel Kraemer

Florence Winter Kramer &d J.F. Kramer Sr.

Harvey and Ella Kramer

Adolph and Lillie Krause


B. and Pearl Pfluger Krienke

Bertha Kruse Memorial

Ed Kruse

The Edward F. and Evelyn D. Kruse Scholarship for Education and Pre-Theology

Mr. and Mrs. Howard Kruse

Edmund Perry Kuempel

Jack and Winnie Mae Kuempel

Max F. and Alvina Klattenhoff Kuempel

Weldon Kuretsch

LGBT Alumni

Paul and Paula Kummer Labatt

Lamb of God Lutheran Church

Edwin and Bertha Lammert

Charles Landgraf

Elsie B. Lang

Randy Langehennig Family

Lang Language

The Langner Family

Lorraine B. Laut

Richard K. Laut Music

Paula (Sims) Ledbetter

M. Stan Ledbetter

Lindee A. Larsen English

Lawrence and Evelyn Latour

Dora V. Layman

Harvey and Jan Lee Leadership

Christian A. and Edith H. Lehne

Hugo A. Leissner

Alvin and Alma Lieke

Arthur F. Lind

James and Anna Becker Lindemann

Milton and Adela Lindemann

Lindenberg Family

Janis and Darrell Lochte Hill Country Scholars Fund

Nancy Loeffler Presidential Award for Leadership and Service

Walter and Ida Sprain Loeffler

Craig and Karen Loest

Debbie Sager Lucas

Edmond H. Luck

Dennis Ludwig

Raymond and Hazel Ludwig

Mr. and Mrs. William Luedecke

John and Lois Luedtke

Louis and Paul Lundgren

Lutheran Brotherhood

Lutheran Students Leadership

Lutheran Students Ministerial

Bernadyne Hilbrich and J. Michael    Macha

Denise Maddox

Dr. G.R. and Hallie Manske

Dr. Georgette Maroldo

Thad N. and Patricia Marsh

The Masterson Family

Robert Palliser, Jr. & Helen Palliser Mathis

Marcus Mauritz

Shelley Mayfield

John D. McClusky

Helen and J.C. McElhany

Macie M. Melvin

Dr. Roy Melvin

Mr. and Mrs. H. L. Menn Sr.

Dr. Joe K. Menn

Clara E. Mergenthaler

Dorothy Merkord

The Mernitz Family

Messiah Lutheran Church, Austin

Stanley J. Meyer Family

Dr. A. Earl Mgebroff

Rose Milburn

David Molina

Jon and Sandra Moline Presidential Leadership

Edward and Janet Monson

Genevieve Schwab Moore

Nile Ruth and Theos Morck

Methodist Healthcare Ministries Kevin C. Moriarty

Sheriffs W.T. “Brack” and Harper Morris

Paul and Betty Moyer

Jack and Winnie Mae Kuempel Murchison

Jo Powell Murphy

Pearl White Nagel

Louise Stein Naumann

Peggy Jones Naumann

Pastor Carl O. and Edith W. Nelson

Felix and Amelia Nesesta

David and Carolyn Newman

Willie and Irene Giese Noak

Karen Norman

Rus and Karen Norman

Melvin E. Noster

Orbin and Gladys Nowell

Nursing Excellence

Morine Nyquist

Oak Cliff Lutheran Church of Dallas

Luther and Elin Oelke

Dr. Charles H. Oestreich

Clarence and Helen Oestreich

John and Sophia Oestreich

Rhoda Haseley Oestreich

Herman and Doris Ohlenbusch

Herman and Emma Ohlenbusch

Joe Harry O’Kelly Memorial

Olson Accounting

Omega Tau

Fred Oppermann

Dr. Robert W. Pape Nursing

Vincent and Frances Patlan

Peace Evangelical Lutheran Church, San Antonio

Peace Lutheran Church of Rosenberg

Odie C. and Marion E. Pederson

Emmett L. and Elberta Benfer Perry

Faye (Beyer) and Bill Petmecky

Armin William and Ora Agnes McDougall Pfennig

Dorothy and Reuben Pfennig

Glenadine R. and Jon C. Pfennig

Helmuth and Ella Pfennig Family

Helmuth William (H.W.) and Claudette Freeman Pfennig

The Rev. Alfred L. and Elizabeth Rayner Pfennig and The Rev. Herbert A. and Hertha Pfluger Knebel

Albert and Sophia Pfluger Family

Gladys Pfluger

Henry Pfluger Sr. Family

Louis and Helene Pfluger

Theo and Marie Pfluger

W.E. and Lorine Pfluger

Jonathon E. Pierce

James and Marie Piercy

Melvin Pohlmeyer

H. R. Power

Jack E. and Myra S. Prather

William and Lillian Pratho

Pre-Theological Aid

Prince of Peace Lutheran Church

Charles D. and Helen V. Probst

Rev. and Mrs. Hugo Probst

Harold and Jo Emily Prochnow

Lola Pybus

Gus and Laura Quebe

The Quello Family

Michael T. Raetzsch

Lloyd and Emmie Rawls

Mr. and Mrs. W. T. Reader-Mr. and Mrs. George B. Wied Sr.

Dr. Preston Reeves

Wylie Erwin Reeves

Anita L. Richter

Kent and Terry Morck Richter

Edward H. and Florence E. Rickenberg

Andrew Ridge

Dr. Marcus Rieke

Barbara H. Ringen

Cherri Ringen Memorial for Music Education

Craig Rinn

Dacia and Russ Rinn

Marvin and Doris Rinn


Rick and Dacia Scott Roberts

Keith J. Robinson Music

Dr. Arthur E. Rode

Meta Roehm

Dr. C. N. Roth Ministerial

Pastor T. J. Roth and Pastor and Mrs. J. C. Felger

A. W. and Elizabeth Fritz Saegert

Albert Joe and Patricia McIntyre Saegert

Ann Saegert and William Adams

Louis F. Saegert and Margaret Saegert Aubel

Dr. E. A. and Louis Trimpler Sagebiel

Dr. Ed A. and Irene Sagebiel

Victor Sagebiel

Sagebiel Marines X 3

Ellen Sager

Harold Sager

R. C. Sager

Dr. Ray & Linda Sager

Rev. Gus W. and Estella I. Sager

Roberto Salinas

Laura P. Sanford

Wayne and Nancy Sather

Wilbert H. and Mary L. Sauermilch

SBC Pre-Engineering

E. C. Schaefer

Fred and Mignon Schiege

Ben H. and Hulda Schleider

Sanford Schmid

Clifford Schmidt


Eugene Schobel

The Schorlemer Family

Judge and Mrs. B. B. Schraub

Fredlein J. and Marie Grace Schroeder

Louis and Ann Schroeder

Erhard, Olga and Margarete Schuette

Lydia Reichle Schultz

Pastor Eric Schulze

Harry and Ina Schumann

David Ray Schwartz

Luther and Lillian Seay

Arthur and Rosie Seidenschwarz

Artie L. Seidenschwarz Jr.

Herta Klein Sheppard

M. J. Silseth

Rev. Nancy Minette Simpson and Dr. Wm. Gregg Simpson Family

Charlotte (Woods) and Bob L. Smith

Russel and Virginia Smith

William R. (Sunny) Sneckner

The Snow Family

Adolph and Erna Solmky

Margaret Schroeder Songster

Ed and Maxine Sonntag

Alisa Sorenson

Alma Kruse Spieckermann

Spies/Allen Family

Mary I. “Toots” Spreen

St. John Lutheran Church, Lindenau

St. John Lutheran Church, Westhoff

St. Luke’s Lutheran Church of San Antonio

St.  Paul  Lutheran  (Brenham)

Alvin and Mallie Stanchos

Herman C. Steger

Martin and Mildred Steger

Stock Family

Gus and Leona Stolz

George B. Storer Foundation

Richard and Helen Stratton

Adolph and Evelyn Streng

Theodore and Irma (Fritschel) Streng

Elinor K. and Lloyd Strot

Mr. and Mrs. M. Abbe Strunk

William and Dianna Sturm

Elisa Suarez

Dr. Max E. Suehs

Jimmie M. and Hannah Rolf Sumner Memorial

Eldon and Roberta Sund

Ferdinand Tatsch

Norma W. Taylor Education

Werner and Dorthy May Teggemann

Texas-Louisiana Synod Brotherhood

Melanie Thompson

Texas Lutheran University Alumni

Mr. and Mrs. William Thompson

Charlene Ann Nelle and Kenneth E. Tiemann


TLU Women’s Club

Stan and Ardyce Tostengard

Casper W. Traeger

James “Jet” Traeger

The Treibs Family

Carl Treptow

Pastor Charles Treptow

Henry F. and Marilyn Treptow

Alfred Victor Treybig

Arthur and Doris Treybig

Trinity College

Hilmar R. and Annie V. Tschoepe

Tyson Foods

Dr. Carl and Hattie Tyssen

Bernice and Walter Ulbricht

Ultramar Diamond Shamrock

Dr. Ronald E. Utecht

Robert H. Vahrenkamp

VARC Solutions

Laura Van Pelt

Donna Lynn Vetter

The Vlasak Family

Harvey L. Voelker

George Vogel and Rebecca Lynn Vogel

Joanne and Dwight Vorpahl

Marylyn Wallin

Bill and Ruby Walter

Reuben and Mary Walter Science

Carl and Julia Weden

William and Luella Wegner

Weinert German

Loren and Marion B. Weishaar

Elsie Sprain Weiss

Helen Weiss

Victor Paul Weiss

Robert W. Wells

Harry O. and Alice K. Wessels

Verl “Jiggs” Westergard

Kermit and Carolyn (Pfluger) Westerholm

Lewis Westerman Memorial

Graham Weston Presidential Leadership

The Whitacre Family

Bob White Choral

Jeannie Sonntag White

Dr. Arthur G. and Mrs. Elfrieda Langner Wiederaenders

Anita Stroebel Wuensche

Frank Wilkens

Imogene Heald Wilkens

Williams Foundation Florence Berger Hoff Memorial

Doris Neuhaus Willis

Roland Merriman Willis and Meta Nemkey Willis

Evangeline E. Willmann

Richard W. Willmann

Evangeline and Richard Willmann

Rudolph R. Willmann Memorial

Lena D. Coleman-Wilson and Frank A. Wilson

Anita F. Windecker

Lawrence F. Windt

David Herbert Wolff

Rev. Walter O. and Hattie Wolf

The Wright-Heidtke Family

Mr. and Mrs. F. Lee Ray Wright

Xcel Energy

Ingeborg Janz Yarrito

Cyrus and Jean Zamzow

Louis and Kip Zbinden Presidential

Award for Leadership and Service

Heinz C. and Louise D. Ziehe

Ruby L. and Joseph A. Zorn


Rosalie (Streng) Zunker