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2023 - 2024 Catalog 
2023 - 2024 Catalog

General Information

The Texas Lutheran University Academic Experience

A TLU education incorporates knowing, doing, and becoming, as students are encouraged to learn boldly and live to inspire. We seek to achieve these components through a broad general education curriculum which incorporates key competencies; depth in a major field of study, and co-curricular experiences that build on classroom learning.


TLU graduates should have achieved

  • a breadth of knowledge in the arts, humanities, natural sciences, and social sciences.
  • a depth of knowledge in a single discipline sufficient to understand its methods, language, content, history, and value.
  • an understanding of the Christian faith and traditions.
  • an awareness of and respect for diverse religions, cultures, and viewpoints.


TLU graduates should be able to

  • write clearly and coherently, read with comprehension, speak effectively, and listen with care and openness.
  • use basic mathematical skills and know the appropriateness of quantitative methods.
  • use appropriate tools for problem solving and for finding, analyzing, and communicating information.
  • think critically and reflectively and draw reasonable, supportable conclusions both individually and in groups.


TLU encourages and assists its students in developing • a commitment to active community service.

  • an integrated ethical perspective and a sense of moral purpose.
  • a desire to cultivate physical and psychological health and well-being.
  • a will to pursue continued cultural, intellectual, and spiritual growth.

About Texas Lutheran University

Texas Lutheran University is a private university of the Evangelical Lutheran Church in America. TLU offers high-quality programs in the arts, sciences and professional studies. It is located in Seguin, 35 minutes from San Antonio. Founded in 1891, the institution moved to Seguin in 1912.

The academic program at TLU provides outstanding preparation for a wide variety of callings and for a fulfilling life, as well as a livelihood. Graduates include a federal judge, legislators, prominent attorneys, physicians and medical school faculty members, partners in large accounting firms, bank presidents, pastors, bishops, teachers, social workers, marketing and public relations directors and faculty members at universities such as Johns Hopkins, Southern Methodist and Duke.

Employers praise the attitude, character and competence of TLU graduates, as do faculty members of medical and other professional and graduate schools. Many graduates acquire advantageous experience and references through internships in major corporations, government agencies, broadcast media, newspapers and research facilities.

TLU’s culturally and geographically diverse student body is taught by a highly qualified faculty in classes averaging fewer than 20 students. These faculty members challenge, mentor and recommend students for later opportunities as individuals whom they know well. The quality that this makes possible has been recognized in U.S. News & World Report’s survey of America’s best regional colleges and universities, in the Princeton Review’s Best Western Colleges survey, and in Washington Monthly’s survey of best baccalaureate institutions.

Special programs include the TLU Honors Program, the Krost Life Enrichment Program, the Mexican-American Studies Center, the African-American Studies Center, and the Center for Women’s and Gender Studies. Students participate in off-campus studies for academic credit through study abroad programs around the world, as well as through the Washington Semester program in Washington, D.C., and the university’s summer programs.

TLU is a community of faith and learning. Faculty, students and staff gather for voluntary chapel services during the week. People of all denominations and faiths are welcome.

Students have a wide variety of leadership opportunities through participation in campus organizations that include student publications, fraternities and sororities, academic honor societies, campus ministry, concert band, TLU choir, theater, the Student Government Association, Black Student Union, the Mexican-American Student Association and the Center for Women’s Studies. TLU offers 18 intercollegiate sports and a wide variety of intramural sports.

More than 30 major buildings are located on the spacious 184-acre campus. The Blumberg Memorial Library offers an excellent collection and is linked electronically to libraries around the world. Students have free email and internet access through a campuswide computer network.

TLU serves approximately 1,400 students on its campus in Seguin. Approximately 700 students live in the university’s six residence halls and nine university-owned apartment buildings.